A New idea for the futur of ThumbJam

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A New idea for the futur of ThumbJam

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Hi Everybody,

Have a look at hat Jesse:


That would be an amazing improvment for music production on iOS Devices.

Have a nice week-end!

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Don't worry, I'm already

Post by Jesse »

Don't worry, I'm already aware of it and I'll certainly be on board with it.

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Happy to hear this! When this

Post by Galaxyexplorer »

Happy to hear this! When this really works good it is another feature like copy/paste and virtual midi! I would not buy an music making app today without that!! (like the synthstation app or garage band)
Indeed... think with the ipad3 (or ipad2s?!?) ios music makes another big step far far away from android, windows or other os!

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WoW, this would be

Post by obiwahnkentobi »

WoW, this would be incredible!
Fall on the knees & pray ;-)

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