repackage TJ into smaller apps

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repackage TJ into smaller apps

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This is great application, one of the most useful for me.

However I think it was designed when inter app audio and midi communication was almost non existent and it was required to put all functional areas into single app.
Now there are new communication standards like audio bus, IAA, AU. So I would like TJ to spawn several new more simple and specialized apps.
I think all these parts already exist in TJ.
Also I normally run many apps on IPAD so making them smaller will make it easier on CPU / memory as I do not use all functions.

My ordered preferences are:
1) Pitch tracker - for monophonic pitch recognition (among many apps TJ is the best from my experience)
2) Looper - yes great MIDI + audio looper with extensive configurable MIDI control
3) Sound module - to edit samples and play them with MIDI IN
4) Pure MIDI controller / instrument - to play notes by touch screen
5) MIDI files player with free online library for drum loops
6) MIDI arpegiator / drum machine

Not sure how hard it is to make 1) for example ? I think it is just cut the extra from the existing app ?

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