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Edit midi

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It would be great if you could edit each loops midi after you've recorded it, so you would have the chance to tidy up or quantise or add swing for example. It's a shame that quite often I've jammed something almost amazing, but had to abandon it because it wasn't quite in time, or a few notes where incorrect.

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Thats why I want to be able

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Thats why I want to be able to export the midi to another ipad app, like Symphony Pro. I am not sure that Thumbjam is the right app to do tidying up.

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I agree too. It would be an

Post by J.C »

I agree too. It would be an awesome feature.

But actually we just need TJ to be able to read and play MIDI files. Editing could be done in other App, like Music Studio with it's super easy MIDI Editor...

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