Tabla drums or Sitar?

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Tabla drums or Sitar?

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I only just bought this app and been reading about what it can do.
Apologies if i am repeating something already discussed elsewhere:

I read in the User Guide that the iPad version can use up to '11 contacts' at the same time.
I instantly thought of how a musician uses their fingers and the palms of their hands when playing tabla drums.
Tabla drums are used in Indian Classical and Bhangra music; Tj would be perfect for this instrument.

Also the use of glissandi/note bends as found in various 'World' instr such as an Indian Sitar, or the Chinese Ghuzhen/Japanese Koto.
By pressing down on a string as you pluck it you alter the pitch - this could be possible on this piece of kit?

How about a didgeridoo?
No more circular breathing problems!!;-)

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Be sure to download all the

Post by Jesse »

Be sure to download all the additional free instruments and loops by going to Sound->Download Samples. Tabla is already in there!

The others are good suggestions and the koto like touch affect could be accomplished a few different ways using pitch bend, or finger vibrato.

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