ThumbJam Operation Without Sight

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ThumbJam Operation Without Sight

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I am still trying to figure out how to set the desired key in ThumbJam. I read something about dragging the pitchbar, but I don't know how to DRAG AYTHING on an IPhone. On the play area, if I drag my finger anywhere, either end, or the middle, I move up or down the scale. I also wonder if I have too many items visible on the IPhone - perhaps I need to hide some of them. I received a message from Ken Downey saying that he has a podcast demonstrating the things I am trying to do, but I cannot find it. At present, my opinion of the ThumbJam is either that it is pure "hocus-pocus" - fumble around and you MIGHT find what you want - or else the system is horrbly imprecise. I hope, of course, that neither case is true; but I need some help in theform of an audible demonstration or something that will get me the information I need in a way that a totally-blind person can use it. If a professional musician can use ThumbJam RELIABLY - and I have had a lot of musical training - then I'd like to know how to get what you want on it. I have read the manual a couple of times, but I still can't figure it out. When I first installed it, the play rea was on the right side. Now, there are apparently some numbers on the right, and the pla area is somewhere - heaven knows where - on thetouch screen. Is thee reliable way to reset the program to the defaults? I hope someone can help me.

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Hi Hautbois, I am also blind

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Hi Hautbois,

I am also blind and I use ThumbJam with Voiceover. I heard the podcast by Ken Downie on AppleVis,, but he only covered some stuff but not all of it. So I'm hoping he'll provide a follow-up podcast soon.

Anyway, to set the desired key in ThumbJam, first, double tap the Prefs button in the bottom right corner to go into the preferences menu. Swipe to the right until you find the toggle switch that says "Show toolbar" and make sure it's on. You can double tap this toggle switch to toggle it on and off. Then double tap the "Done" button near the top left corner.
Next, swipe to the right until you find the button that says key control. Then double tap it until it says "Key control: Key buttons shown" Then you can swipe left or right until you find the key you want, and double tap on it to select it. For example, if you want to play in F Sharp, swipe left or right until you come to the button that says F# and double tap on it.

Hope this helps, please feel free to let me know if you need further assistance, and I'll be glad to help as much as I can. You can contact me by email, iMessage or Facetime at the following address: . I'd be more than happy to guide you through it over Facetime.

Take care,


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