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Thankyou Guaranath for

Postby paradox148 » Sun Apr 21, 2013 8:07 am

Thankyou Guaranath for posting the info. I have started to play around with Geo and Cantor quite a bit lately and have been thinking it would be great to combine the best of both worlds. Would certainly give it a try. :)

Meanwhile, I have a specific question for you. Have you been able to use Geo as the primary controler but using thumbjam to add bending/tremolo CC with tilting/shaking, two of the features I love most about TJ. Geo does not allow for precise bending and tremolo control like TJ do so if I am able to do this somehow it would be great! And if this is possible, am I able to use both Geo and TJ to control a third app as the sound module?

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No, the accelerometer

Postby Jesse » Sun Apr 21, 2013 8:40 am

No, the accelerometer handling only happens when TJ is in the foreground.

You can certainly use either Geo or TJ as a controller for another app with virtual midi, was there something special you had in mind?

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