Recording different apps into a master DAW?

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Recording different apps into a master DAW?

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I've seen that people are big fans of Beatmaker, but it doesn't look like they have a full iPad version yet. I'm more than happy to be wrong about this....

So in the meantime, I'm hoping to find a way to mix stuff recorded in multiple different applications. Let's say I've recorded a drum part in TJ, and I want to add a synth line in SynthX... What I'd like to do is use audio copy/paste to move the drum part into some sort of "master" application (like a DAW), and have it playing in the background while I play a line over it in SynthX, or SoundPrism, or any other app that also has audio copy/paste and then move it into the DAW app.

I don't know if this is even possible, with the current state of iOS "multitasking," but it's pretty much the Holy Grail of music recording on the iPad for me.

It's awesome that we have audio copy/paste, and the fact that this is a "standard" developed by a 3rd party without help from Apple (or even support for it in their apps) is very cool, IMHO. It shows that even though the things we need to do aren't priorities for Apple, the 3rd party developers can create their own standards and work together to build something like this and bring the iPhone/iPad to a whole new level for musicians.

Now if only the copy/paste could be replaced with something like ReWire :]

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There are several DAW-like

Post by Jesse »

There are several DAW-like apps that support the copy/paste, but I'm not sure that all the instrument apps you might want to use support background playback (TJ does). I haven't played around much with these DAW apps, but I do have a few (Multitrack, Monle, to name a few).

Some of us developers did begin to think about how to do something like rewire or Jack to transfer streaming audio directly between live running apps, but progress has been pretty slow. I think someone was trying a proof of concept, but I haven't heard anything recently and haven't had time to pursue it myself yet.

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Jesse, I'm glad you're

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I'm glad you're staying on top of the latest. Rewire-like capability and MIDI would both be killer.

By the way, I selected all my apps for copy/paste compatibility, which I think is also a marker for up-to-date developers. TJ has the most full-featured copy/paste implementation, and is the only one with background playback. Awesome.

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