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I'm trying to input note data to the sequencer but the beat is always off! Can anyone helpe out with this problem?I love the app but the sequencer sucks! Very hard to get perfect timming.I recommend an update,thanks!

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I'll post my reply to your

Post by Jesse »

I'll post my reply to your similar email:

Are you talking about per-note quantization? Since TJ actually
records the loops as audio files, not sequences, that kind of
quantization is not going to be coming up next. It will eventually
make it in, once I start recording the events along with the audio for
later export, sharing, and quantization after the fact.

The current feature is Quantize Start which waits until the beginning
of the first loop to start recording additional loops. If you are
having issues with this feature, please give me more details.

If you think of TJ as an audio looper and not a sequencer you may get along better with it with for now.

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The rate feature that I

Post by caseyjamesbasichis »

The rate feature that I requested in another thread would go a long way towards reducing the need for editing/quantization without having to change much about thumbjam at all.

I would still like to see an editor, especially if it meant that TJ could export MIDI files, but it would be more of an after thought.

Long precise stretches of 32nd note counterpoint or fast quintuplets with precision and a regard for velocity/x-axis expression are beyond the kind of practice that anyone here is likely to be doing... 10 years daily with a violin yields these kinds of things not a few months with TJ.

I know I waste a lot of time attempting as many as thirty passes at complex parts, with mixed results at that. As a professional composer, with severe time constraints, this has become the most limiting aspect of TJ.

I don't mean to complain in anyway. TJ is truly amazing. As that rate post got no responses, while three quantize posts have popped up in the last few days, I just wanted to clarify its usefulness in this context.

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