Combination DrumJam and Thumbjam

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Combination DrumJam and Thumbjam

Post by Axelr »

Hey there!
I´ve started both apps: DrumJam and Thumbjam
In DrumJam I play my drumloop and in ThumbJam I like to jam.
Is there a possibility to record in Thumbjam my creative thumbjam-session with the drum-loop of Drumjam (There are both in my sound system, but on the session record is only my Thumbjam-session no drum sound!)?
It would be great to have as result a wave or mp3-file with both.

Is there a chance to realize?


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Re: Combination DrumJam and Thumbjam

Post by Jesse »

There are several ways to do this. First, you can use Audiobus to send the output of both TJ and DJ to a 3rd app for recording (like Audioshare, or any DAW app, or Loopy, etc). Or, you can export your drum loop from DrumJam, and Open In.. ThumbJam and import that as a loop. Then you can load the loop for playing within ThumbJam, where the session record will capture it with all the rest.

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