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My soundcloud

Postby freesoulvw » Mon Aug 08, 2011 7:18 pm

If you guys are interested in checking out what immdoing with an iPad and apps check out my page

"dick Tracy's Dead" was done this week
"The Deep Belong in a House" was done the week before. Both those tracks are thumbjam only. The other songs were done using apps like synthx,horizon/Sunrizer,molten drum machine,DM-1,and korgs ielectribe.

If you guys want to find me @freesoulvw is my twitter. I am always on and always making music with the iPad. If you need any help,questions,or comments,collaboration,or hate mail. Feel free to hit me up.

I think Thumbjam is THE most genius app I own and I am sad to see it get no support from the developer. I am reading posts from 2009 with hopes of new features. I would kill for some more orchestral instruments,a tympani drum,or any new synth instruments. I have made a few of my own but it's always more fun when someone does it formyou :).

Here's hopingnthe dev reads this,listens to my songs and gets inspired to help me with my request. The app has inspired me on so many occasions I hope it still has his love.

Thanks guys.

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Umm, you're also reading

Postby Jesse » Mon Aug 08, 2011 8:24 pm

Umm, you're also reading posts from 2011, I hope! If so you've seen that almost everything you are asking for is in active development!

More orchestral instruments will be coming your way, possibly via in-app purchase (every symphonic wind instrument, in fact), but not immediately. I do need to push out a few of the instruments I've been holding back... it has been too long since the last ones.

Have you checked out the instruments section of this forum, a few people have released a ton of nice synth sounds, although I may tweak some of them out and release them for in-app free download too.

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Yes,you are correct. I should

Postby freesoulvw » Mon Aug 08, 2011 9:50 pm

Yes,you are correct. I should have mentioned that the posts from a while back are being worked out and there is still a lot of action behind the scenes that I have no knowledge of. I have faith in the developer in his dedication for the apps development.

I didn't mean what I said as a knock to Jesse. I just was noticing that is been a while since the last time i saw any action coming from Thumbjam. it would he cool to have at least one instrument thrown our way to reaffirm thumb jams place in the world :)

I did mention that the app is genius and it's my favorite app to use right? That still stands true ;)

Thanks,hope to see great things soon.

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