First piece with ThumbJam

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Nice piece. I really enjoyed

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Nice piece. I really enjoyed it.

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Well done!

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Well done!

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It's funny, this is my

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It's funny, this is my favorite stuff to do with TJ too, somehow I always end up with the string sounds, which I've never really done with any other instrument. There was a piece for string quartet kicking around in my head for a good 10 years now, but I've never had the means to get it out and recorded. I tried various MIDI solutions over the years, but was never satisfied.

Ten minutes with TJ, and I had a whole movement recorded. When 1.4 comes out, we'll be able to record it as MIDI data, and print sheet music from it....

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Thanks for the comments. I

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Thanks for the comments. I think you do get instant TJ gratification with strings. I'm finding that the rock music I'm attempting, for instance, is a lot less convincing, although that's my background.

I'll post more as I become satisfied with what I'm turning out.

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