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Why is there no e-mail support from the developers? As usual downloading my loops via Wi Fi doesn't work properly!!

I clicked "download", it creates a zip file, the only thing in it is the default loop even though it's my loop and has the name I gave the loop as well!!

Retarded ass shit!!

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Wow, not only is your

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Wow, not only is your 'question' worded in the most lame way I've seen on this forum but it is even in the wrong section. Try the "bug report" one maybe... Smile to life and it will smile to you, shit on it and it will... well, you know... By the way this app is the best supported by its developer I know. My experience is that it works well with my incorrect understanding of how it works involved in most "bug reports" I produce, and when these are real bugs it is usually corrected as fast as possible with a community of friendly users offering workarounds in the mean time. Cheers.

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