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I made this session by ThumbJam.

I found bug.
I made 6th track(Milio Kit) and saved loop file.
When I opened the file, sound of Milio Kit track became tangled with other track.
I don't know reason.

Anyway ThumbJam is best tool for making music.

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Awesome!! I really like that

Post by Jesse »

Awesome!! I really like that you're not afraid of making 30 second loops.... it takes some guts and practice since you have to get it in one shot. Did you do any editing outside of ThumbJam before you posted it?

Now, about the bug... when you say "tangled", do you mean that it was not synced up in time properly with the other loops? Can you download the saved loop set that has the issue, and when you unzip it, look for the file meta.flotls , and upload that here to the forums (or email it to me

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Nice track man! Really cool

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Nice track man! Really cool vibe.

I've actually experienced a similiar, if not the same bug.
What's happened to me is when I have a loop set that I'm working on, with say 5 or more loops saved, exit the app, come back at a later date, and where say I had a round sine loop saved and labeled as such, the sound is actually the latest loop that i've made in that set, with the original label. Kind of "overwriting" the old sine loop.

Its rare, but I've experienced it. If it happens again I can try and get that log file you asked for...

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Thank you Jesse! I made all

Post by inrock »

Thank you Jesse!
I made all works with ThumbJam only execpt "fade out" effect. I added fade out effect on my PC.

about the bug...
I meant "tangled" that name of the instrument and sound of it is different. ( I'm not good at english. so I'm afraid you do not understand my meaning)

Actually, I deleated the file that I mentioned above,
and re-recorded the track.
But other track became strange.
The 6th track is "String ensemble", but it's sound is "Melodica". When I first saved that file, it worked properly. But later I opened that file, it did not work properly.
I attached "meta.flotls" and "meta.ardour" files.

Thank you for your concern, Jesse!

I really really love your App. Image

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