Request for fiddle samples

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Request for fiddle samples

Postby SienaT » Fri Jun 14, 2013 6:14 pm

Hello all,

I would like to play fiddle/folk music on ThumbJam. The violin that comes with TJ has a very beautiful sound, although I need something that sounds more like a fiddle rather than a classical violin. I've tried a few violins with ThumbJam, but none of the sample sets I've downloaded thus far have the ideal sound for fiddle/folk music. I was wondering if any of you would happen to have a fiddle sample set or even if you could please send me four samples in wave format that I can load into ThumbJam and create the instrument myself. If you are sending me the samples in Wave format, if you could send me the E, A, D and G (standard violin tuning), I think that would give me an accurate sample set. Please send them to:

Thanks in advance!

Take care,


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