Roland Jazz Scat sample set suggestion

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Roland Jazz Scat sample set suggestion

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Hi all,

I've had several occasions to test out some Roland keyboards, and a lot of them have a sound on them called Jazz Scat. It's a human sounding voice sound with 4 velocity layers: "doo", "dat", "bop", and "dow". Hard to explain but basically each layer depends on key pressure, so if you press softly you get the "doo" layer, and if you press harder you get the other layers. Anyway, it would be cool if one of you who has a Roland keyboard could create a sample set for the Jazz Scat sound. I would definitely do it if I had a Roland. :) Anyway, I'd be curious to know if a sample set as complex as the Jazz Scat one would be possible to create for ThumbJam, seeing that it has 4 velocity layers?

Here is a video clip from Youtube so that you can hear what it sounds like:

Take care all, enjoy! :)

Best wishes,


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