Telecaster; Who's interested?

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Telecaster; Who's interested?

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So, today, an iRig arrived at my doorstep. I had swiftly ordered one soon after purchasing ThumbJam and realising you can actually do some multi-sampling.. Considering I already loved it's interface, I knew there was no other that could compete.

So, what did I sample first? My guitar of course! It is after all my main instrument and optimised for iRig, not to mention, good practise for multi-sampling.

Anyway, I was expecting it to be a little bit of an ordeal.. But surprisingly, it was bloody easy! My previous experience with my iPods built in mic didn't go too well. Obviously in auto-detect mode it'd be too sensitive to noise, and cut out too fast. Not to mention inaccuracy with the pitch.. However, with the iRig.. It was a breeze! The only reason it took a while is due to me sampling every note and having them ring out.

Well, I sampled one string, for now. I intend on sampling each string individually, and then using the duo-scale mode, and using two individual samples (strings) at once. I'd then save it as a preset. For example; The E and A sample-packs would be combined to form the "Rhythm" preset. And when I'm more familiar with it all, I'd make it a little more diverse than just rhythm or chords.

Anyway, would anyone take interest in a Telecaster pack? Each string will be a different preset, that way you can take notes from one string to form whichever notes you'd need from what string.

I'm sampling in DADGBE. I may release a Dropped C pack using my Ibanez though.

Oh and, it's all perfectly clean. No manipulation from pedals or amps or anything, though I'll definantely get to that eventually.

Let me know if you've got any suggestions and such!

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