Velocity Layered Drum Sets!! THUMBJAM RULES!!

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Velocity Layered Drum Sets!! THUMBJAM RULES!!

Postby marlow77 » Sat Oct 30, 2010 5:14 pm

Hey all,

I figured out a cool way to do velocity layers for drumsets using mapping to notes and really making the scales small.

So here are some things to know about the way I did it:

1) Samples on the left side start with D#1, samples on the right start from E9.
2) Because there isn't a grouping way for the closed and open hihats, I have limited the play length before mute to account for it. For instance, if you want the open hat to ring longer, than just keep the note held.
3) The drum samples are from the Open Source Drum Kit (Open source means you can use it as you see fit!) The JazzFunkKit, which is my favorite of the two, is from It can be used commercially for production (look at the pdf that explains usage, copyrights, etc.)
4) You simply play the 8-velocity layered samples between the red octave markers for pads. P.S. - You can do some awesome drum rolls and flams by simply dragging your fingers over the octave "pad areas."
5) The basic layout is bass drum kick lower left, high tom, mid tom, low tom, ride bell on the left side. Snare lower right, closed high hat, open high hat, ride, crashes on the right side.

Here's the links (and they are pretty large files, just so you know):

Jesse, maybe you could implement something like this for velocity layers, but make it easier for others to build. Regardless, the ability to make this is truly amazing in sound quality and playability. Other programs such as RealDrums, etc. didn't make it easy to do drum rolls and I wanted the layout shown. Even a program with this layout would be great as a standalone, but being able to use it with multiple tracks makes it really unbeatable. Thumbjam is my favorite app by far and it ROCKS!!!

Hope you all enjoy as much as I do and now you can REALLY ROCK OUT!!


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Very creative way to get

Postby Jesse » Sat Oct 30, 2010 10:30 pm

Very creative way to get around TJ's shortcomings! Actually had a few issues with the version you had uploaded, the OpenSourceDrumkit had illegal characters in one of the description fields that causes it not to load. Also, it seemed like you had an extra octave of span that was unnecessary on each split half.

The .flotpatch included with the JazzFunkKit did not include the correct split and span entries, so I corrected those as well.

I've included links to updated versions:

Users, be sure to prevent your web browser from automatically extracting and removing the ZIP files.

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Thanks for fixing my sets,

Postby marlow77 » Sun Oct 31, 2010 9:52 am

Thanks for fixing my sets, Jessie! I must have messed them up when I updated the credits with where I got the sample sets. I also posted the updates to my site as well. The new links are:

Jessie, since these samples are free to use, maybe you could post them to the shared samples for everyone in-app if you don't think it is too confusing to use. Do you plan on implementing anything similar to this into your drumkits in the future?

Thanks again,


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