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New Instruments!

Posted: Tue May 20, 2014 11:58 pm
by Jesse
At long last, I added some new free downloadable instruments in the app. Go to Sound->Download Samples to grab them!

Violin Staccato - pulled from the archives, a companion to the built-in Violin, recorded in the same session by Steve Bingham.
Shakuhachi - a Japanese flute
Turkish Ney - a rim-blown flute made of reed
Snake Charmer - reeded wind instrument. Add your own expression with shake/tilt.

Plus two more from Michael Eskin (

Hohner AirBoard - the new melodica from Hohner
Cajun Accordion - sampled from a Hohner Cajun IV one-row accordion

Bonus: the Harp instrument is updated, the background hiss is now gone! Re-download it...

And coming very soon -- once ThumbJam v2.4 is approved -- several new velocity-layered instruments will be released, to take advantage of the new feature.