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Creating new instruments?

Posted: Tue Feb 11, 2020 9:59 am
by genmce
I see the manual about importing wav files.
Is there a manual about creating instruments outside of thumbjam?
I know how to create kontakt instruments.

Is there a tool or procedures to create them outside, of TJ? I can't find any documentation of this on the forum, besides the naming convention.

I want to be able to set loop points outside of tj, are there procedures and filename/directory structures that need to be created to do this?
Does it support layered samples or round robins?

Thanks again for Thumbjam!
off topic but cool - This morning, I used my iPad 1 (that's right ipad 1) with an old tascam im2 mic to record some acoustic guitar loops.
After a few moments of setup, and figuring out I needed to use headphones without a mic, I recorded 3 loops, nice!