temperature and wind

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temperature and wind

Postby Linsey » Fri Mar 20, 2015 6:52 pm

has anyone had issues with working with Thumbjam outdoors in cold temperatures and wind. I am performing at an International Arts Festival using a Yamaha WX5 wind controller interfacing with an IK multimedia midi to iOS interface to run Thumjam as both my sampler and Looper. It always runs perfectly until the show last night when it was initially affected by wind on the screen and then seemingly by temperature (wasn't that cold ...about 6 degrees Celsius). Screen response got progressivle worse and worse with connection between midi controller and ipad dropping out during every piece necessitating restart of Thumbjam to re-establish connection. Touch screen accuracy became less and less sensitive over time. Later that night back inside it worked fine. Any suggestions, apart from me not being stupid enough to put the ipad uder such strenuous conditions?

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