exporting synths to draw tracks in nanostudio

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exporting synths to draw tracks in nanostudio

Postby Pat OHara » Tue Dec 13, 2011 1:59 pm

i recently posted on the nanostudio forum asking about the possibility of sending a synth from thumbjam to nanostudio and drawing the notes individually with the thumbjam synth instead of recording the loop in thumbjam and exporting the whole loop. i recieved a couple replies basically saying you cant do that yet... well the last guy who replied sayed, "Thumbjam does let you grab the midi from each loop via the web interface in the newest version. It is something you have to turn on in settings somewhere."
can somebody please shed some light on this for me?

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It will require a multi-step

Postby Jesse » Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:21 pm

It will require a multi-step process with a step where you transfer an exported loopset ZIP archive from TJ to your computer, then transfer the midi files from that archive into NS. In TJ, Prefs->Midi Control, turn on Save MIDI Loops options. Then when you record loops in TJ, then do a Loop->Save, and choose Save Set, the audio and corresponding midi files for each loop will be saved into a loopset. You have a choice here on how to export it. Either do Prefs->WiFi Transfer and enable the server, then point your computer's web browser to the address shown... then look for you loopset in the web interface, Archive, then Download it. Or to export it via direct wired connection to iTunes on your computer, go to Prefs->Import/Export, and go to Export Loop Sets, then select your saved loopset, and click Share to iTunes. When you plug your device in, and run iTunes, on the Apps tab of the device's page, you will see ThumbJam listed in the File Sharing section, and you should see a ZIP file in there with the same name. You can drag that into a folder on your computer. Or you can email it from the Export Loop Sets page in TJ, it includes audio files so it might be pretty big for email.

Once you have the ZIP file on your computer, just unarchive it (usually just double-clicking will do it) and look under the sounds directory in the extracted area, you should see files named numerically, both .wav and .mid. You should be able to import the .mid into nanostudio using it's NanoSync software, but you'll want to check the documentation or their forums for how to do it... there might be easier ways.

In the future, I will let TJ attempt to open the midi files on the device, so any apps you have installed that can accept them could get them directly.

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Thank you so much. Would you

Postby Pat OHara » Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:32 pm

Thank you so much. Would you mind shedding some light on another thread I posted? I want to record audio and autotune it to a specific key, do you know if I can do this with thumbjam or nanostudio? Is there any other app you know of that would be compatible with them that has the autotune feature?

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