Arpeggios from StepPolyArp?

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Arpeggios from StepPolyArp?

Postby ClassicalFan » Wed Jun 19, 2013 6:46 pm

I've been happily using ThumbJam along with various MIDI apps -- Orphion, Cubasis, Genome, Chordion, synthmate, Beatsurfing -- and I've been using it with Audiobus as well to great effect. But I'm a bit stumped when it comes to arpeggiation. I'm using StepPolyArp, and I can get StepPolyArp to send MIDI messages to ThumbJam, so that when I play on the keyboard in StepPolyArp it plays ThumbJam sounds ... but I think I'm supposed to be able to rig up some sort of communication the other way, so that when I play a note in ThumbJam it triggers the arpeggiator in StepPolyArp to play. That would be MIDI-out from ThumbJam and MIDI-in for StepPolyArp. Is that right? Or am I supposed to hook it up so that a recorded loop track triggers the arpeggiator? Or what? And does it have to do with the MIDI clock, or not?

In other words, help! Can anyone provide me with a list of settings or steps, or at least a clearer understanding of how this kind of arpeggiation is supposed to hook into ThumbJam? Or is this sort of triggering not a possibility, and I'm all wet on this?

Thanks in advance from a MIDI novice!!

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