Why Does Tempo Change When Pasting Files from Other Apps?

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Why Does Tempo Change When Pasting Files from Other Apps?

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I can't figure out why the tempo changes when I paste recordings from other apps such as MorphWiz and NLogSynth Pro. What happens is the upper register in Thumbjam plays faster tempo and as you move down to lower notes the tempo slows way down. How can I adjust and have the same tempo throughout? hopefully, similar to what I actually recorded in the other apps.

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Sounds like you are using

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Sounds like you are using recordings from other apps as part of a new instrument in ThumbJam, when you actually want to import it as a loop? If you are trying to create new instruments from note samples in other apps that have some arpeggiation or modulation on them, you will not be satisfied. That is, unless you sample many notes across the registers and add them all to the new instrument, assigning them the appropriate notes. This will help, but not eliminate the issue.
I think I may have addressed this in a support email?

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I recently downloaded a big

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I recently downloaded a big batch of instruments, only to find the author had made them all from rhythm loops. I was so disappointed. That's just not a good use of sampling. I suppose you could set them up as a drumkit-style instrument, so they aren't changing tempo with pitch. It would be a one-tempo kit though.

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