A couple of MIDI questions

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A couple of MIDI questions

Postby dswo » Wed Nov 23, 2011 11:04 am

I have been experimenting with TJ as a controller for virtual CoreMIDI apps, including Arctic Synth, Sunrizer, and Addictive Synth. What larks! as Dickens might say.

A couple of queries:

1. Would it be possible to add Mod Wheel to the list of parameters that can be assigned to a control axis (e.g., x-axis = mod wheel, or horizontal tilt = mod wheel)?

2. I'm struggling with this one, and I'm going to struggle to explain it. It comes down to this: I can't seem to make Step mode work the way I expect it to with CoreMIDI. I set up the instrument to play a silent sample, I set up CoreMIDI so that it's sending MIDI output to Sunrizer. It works. I make sure that I'm in Step mode (as opposed to Glide or Continuum). Now here's what doesn't work. When I drag from note 1 to an adjacent note (let's call it 2), the second note does not retrigger from the beginning. But if I continue dragging to a third note, it does retrigger. If I continue to drag, the fourth note does not retrigger. But the fifth one does. In other words, the odd drags are retriggering, but not the even ones. As I understand it, all the notes should be retriggering from the beginning in Step mode. But I can't make them do that. What am I doing wrong? I'm hoping this is something I can fix by adjusting my instrument sample or controls.

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1) Currently I do special

Postby Jesse » Wed Nov 23, 2011 12:06 pm

1) Currently I do special handling of Mod wheel events depending on the settings in the Controls area. Here are the current rules: if you have the lowpass filter turned on, it will control cutoff, else if you have volume set to tilt or xaxis, it will adjust volume using the same min volume as set, else if you have pan set to tilt or xaxis, it will adjust that. I agree that I should make the midi bindings a separate thing, and then I'll let you choose what CCs control what....

2) Just to verify something, switch to the Electric Guitar factory preset and try it (you can turn the level down in Edit->controls by using a fixed volume and set down to -40db). I bet it works fine then. I have found a few bugs in this area, it's possible that the silent instrument you made is symptomatic of this. One thing to make sure of is that the "Legato" switch in Edit->Sample is turned off. Also, if you enable sending of pitch bend in Prefs->MIDI Control, things should work better too.

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Thanks, Jesse. I switched to

Postby dswo » Wed Nov 23, 2011 12:46 pm

Thanks, Jesse. I switched to Electric Guitar, turned down the instrument volume, and that solved the problem. (And if it helps to know, my silent sample really is just silence, "manufactured" in BeatMaker's chopshop with the silence tool.)

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