recording setups for Mac OS X

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recording setups for Mac OS X

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hi all, just bought ThumbJam and it's amazing! I have a few questions about how people integrate ThumbJam into their recording setups.

My own personal setup -- I run a MacBook Pro (10.6) and have messed around with recording my bass/fretless using a usb interface with a mixture of audacity, garageband and ardour. I mostly demoed rough ideas on my laptop and never gave digital songwriting much of a thought since I'm primarily a bassist.

This has completely changed since I've bought ThumbJam and Looptastic HD for my iPad! I can finally lay down quality bed tracks or add ambient touches to my demos etc.

The question I have is -- how do I sync this all together? How do other people here do it? If I record something at 120bpm in ThumbJam, and another track in looptastic at 120bpm, will they sync correctly in a dedicated audio editor like garageband? Is there any sort of support for smpte or midi time codes? Sorry for the dumb questions, I haven't been in a studio in 15+ years (all run using a B/W Mac SE30!)

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