Key control

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Key control

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Can anyone tell me what the key control button between "span" and "hold" does? Its the one that shifts from a diagonal to a zig-zag line.

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It switches between Retrigger

Post by Jesse »

It switches between Retrigger and Glide mode when dragging. Just a shortcut for the control in Edit->Sample. A snippet from the in-progress users guide:

There are three different modes for how the instrument responds
to fingers being dragged around in the play area. Retrigger
simply releases the currently played note and starts a new note
wherever the touch is next. Glide transitions the note
smoothly in pitch to the next note. Off does nothing when
a finger is dragged, the initially touched note is played until the
touch is lifted. There are several options that
affect how both retrigger and glide work....

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Loving the glide feature,

Post by dogface »

Loving the glide feature, especially on the bass

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