How does collaboration work?

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How does collaboration work?

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I can't seem to get collaboration to do anything. I've selected leader on my iPhone and have setup another as follower. The follower iPod finds the iPhone and appears to connect via blue tooth, but nothing happens. What exactly is the collaboration going to do? Should we be able to hear from each other's devices?

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Collaboration at this time is

Post by Jesse »

Collaboration at this time is limited to syncing the tempo of the active loop along with the key and scale chosen on the leader among the other followers. This means it is easy to coordinate the key and scale, and when creating loops the tempo is always the same as the leader's loops.

However, there is no network streamed audio between devices at this time.

So what's it good for, you might ask? Well, if you are all playing through speakers, or plugged into a mixer or PA system and can jam while hearing each other, this greatly simplifies things. I admit that you may not often be in this situation.

There are plans in the future to allow for sharing loops in real-time via bluetooth or network (even the internet) to allow for true collaborative jamming.... the possibilities are endless....

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How long do you think it will

Post by gwlad »

How long do you think it will be until we can stream audio between 2 or more devices?

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