OS4 allows TJ & Looptastic simultaneously: AWESOME

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OS4 allows TJ & Looptastic simultaneously: AWESOME

Postby AltVader » Wed Jun 23, 2010 7:14 pm

OK, multitasking in OS4 is now released. Thanks for releasing TJ 1.2 within 2 days of the OS4 release, great work.

I like to create loops in TJ, then paste them into Looptastic for performance. Used to be a bit of a pain, copy from TJ, open Loop (and wait), paste, open TJ (and wait), record more, etc. It worked fine but was a sloooowww process. Now with OS4, MUCH FASTER. Both apps are open (well, at least as much as iPhone multitasking truly allows) and I can copy, switch, paste, switch, copy so much faster.

Think I'll write a symphony!

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