iPad support in future?

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iPad support in future?

Post by JazzFlight »

After seeing the increase in screen space afforded by the upcoming iPad, I was really interested in the possibilities for ThumbJam on the new device.

Are you (the developer) thinking of either adding support to the current app for iPad devices or making an iPad-only app? ThumbJam is my favorite app out of hundreds that I've bought over the course of the year that I've had my iPod Touch and I'd love to be able to play with it on a large screen. I know the basic iPhone app will already be able to be used on the iPad natively (by resolution doubling), but there are also more possibilities with the increased processing speed.

Keep up the great work regardless, this app is already incredible at v1.0 and can turn anyone into a full-fledged musician. I absolutely love it.

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Absolutely, I will be making

Post by Jesse »

Absolutely, I will be making ThumbJam iPad-aware! I also welcome any ideas people might have on what they would like to see in a super-sized version.

For starters, making the loop mixer always visible, as well as exposing many of the menu option buttons for quick access. Same for the key and scale choosers.

Split screen for multiple simultaneous loaded instruments or scales/keys... also cool for having more than one person play together on the same device....

Just a few of the possibilities.... let's hear yours!

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ThumbJam would be

Post by yrag »

ThumbJam would be full-fledged professional performance instrument with the larger screen area that the iPad would provide.

It's a natural.

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