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Otamatone Techno

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Cannot get this to work with my Otamatone Techno. Tried on both an iPhone X and iPhone 7 (with and without lightning dongle adapter) with two different Otamatones and different 3.5mm aux cords to no avail. I'm thinking maybe it's a setting or something else I'm missing rather than two defective Otamatones? Bought one for myself and one as a gift and now can't get this to work with apps like Thumbjam. Any help would be immensely appreciated!

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Re: Otamatone Techno

Post by Jesse »

The otamatone techos come with 3.5mm aux cords that have 3 rings, which is what you should be using to connect from the OTM link jack and the iOS device.

In ThumbJam, to enable the pitch tracking mode, you need to press the "extra sidebar features" button on the sidebar (little button with 3 little icons in it, just below the #/b button). Then press the button at the bottom of the addition sidebar (with the mic and 8th notes). That is what enables the pitch tracking mode... you can adjust some of the controls on the popup that appears to affect the behavior.

If you've done all that, and it still isn't responding to the otamatone, go into the iOS system settings and be sure that Microphone access is allowed for ThumbJam in the Privacy->Microphone section of the settings app.

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