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Looping questions

Posted: Tue Dec 15, 2015 8:36 pm
by Alicorn
I'm having trouble getting my starts and cutoffs right when I'm playing to a loop of fixed length (and trouble getting to the button at the right moment if I'm trying to do a variable length one). Even with the metronome, I'm still too late or early, every time. I can sort of solve this by giving myself a bar of padding on each side, but then those silent bars just stay there, forever, even when I have one loop laid down and I can use *that* to time the next one right. Is there a way to trim a loop afterwards, or have a non-recording measure of lead-in for a first loop, or can I only really use this feature if I have great timing from a cold start? (Maybe I should import a really crisp MIDI, sing on top of that, and then silence the MIDI layer of the loop?) Relatedly, you can start an instrumental loop whenever you touch a note; is there a way it could just start recording whenever I start singing?

I also sometimes have a problem where the instruments will not sound when touched until I fiddle with unrelated things for a while, and then they start working.