No sound with guitar...

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No sound with guitar...

Postby topincam » Fri Aug 21, 2015 9:55 am

Hi everybody!
I play guitar since i was a kid,and began using the ipad for the amps,effects and so on(Jamup.and Amplitube mostly).Also have a Roland Guitar synthetizer and it is a big fun to play.I am also using some amazing synth apps(sunrizer,activesynth,) and samplers like Sampletank.Of course i love thumbjam and the magnificent sounds that it can produce.I use the iRig 2 connected to the mic socket on the ipad.When i play only the guitar i use a guitar amp connected to the irig,but sometimes i use the heaphone output in the irig to route the sound to a hifi system.When using the synth apps i only use the hifi.The sound quality?Amazing!Hours lost in the magnificent sounds that can be created!So far so good.Then what is the problem? I read and saw on youtube that you can use a guitar and thumbjam to control synth apps using MIDI controls. So i began trying to get the sounds controlling the synths with my guitar.So far nothing..Here is what i am doing: Guiter connected to irig 2.- irig 2 connected to mic/headphone socket in ipad .- openning thumbjam and sampletank(both enabled to work on the background) - mik with note symbol selected on thumbjam - midi output connection saying sampletank,on . The only sounds i get are the thumbjam sound and the sampletank sounds together when i play in the thumbjam interface (i know how to silence the thumbjam sounds so that i only hear sampletank sounds when i play in thumbjam) but this is not what i want. I want to play the guitar and using the midi controls on thumbjam,control another synth app connected to thumbjam,or control thumbjam itself(is this possible?). What am i doing wrong? it is frustrating seeing these guys playing synths with their guitars and the only sounds i get from my guitar are the "sounds of silence",even if sometimes we all appreciate these...
Help please! And thank you!

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