New Forum!

I can't keep up with the spambots, so for now this is a read-only board... sorry about that!
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New Forum!

Post by Jesse »

Here is the new more full-featured forum!

If you had previously registered an account on the old one, the username and email of your account has been transferred, but you will need to have your password reset before you can log in to the new forum. Do so by following the Forgot Password link on the login page, or visiting

Let us know at if you have any issues with the transition!

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Re: New Forum!

Post by plutocracide »

When I used TJ with my ipod touch, I could play in time with myself. For some reason, when I upgraded to an iPad mini, the latency(?) is off and I can't play in time with a drum loop or anything else. How can I correct this?

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