Thumbjam Note4 Bluetooth

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Thumbjam Note4 Bluetooth

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I installed Thumbjam into SoundCamp on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Thumbjam works great as expected. I get sound from the internal speakers. I can use an audio cable to get sound out of by Beoplay A2 Bluetooth speaker. However, if I connect to the speaker via Bluetooth, the sound comes out the internal speakers, not out of the Bluetooth Speaker. This is not a problem with Thumbjam, as the same behavior applies to the stock SoundCamp instruments, but I was hoping someone here can tell me if they have the same problem and, if so, if they found a solution. Since Thumbjam can involve a lot of phone motion, it would be great if the sound could be enhanced with a wireless (Bluetooth) connection to a speaker. Since the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Beoplay A2 use the Aptx codec, the latency should be acceptable (much better than standard Bluetooth). So there is a lot of fun to be had here if this problem can be solved.

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Re: Thumbjam Note4 Bluetooth

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I talked with Samsung, and they said that indeed, bluetooth audio is not currently supported with Samsung Pro Audio SDK (which soundcamp, and ThumbJam use). They will be looking into it in the future, specifically to see if the Aptx codec is actually providing low enough latency. I personally doubt that it will be worth it... I wouldn't want to add any more latency to what is already there with the touchscreen and internal audio latency.

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