Impact on iPod app controls on iPhone 4/ iOS 4

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Impact on iPod app controls on iPhone 4/ iOS 4

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First off, let me thank you for this wonderful app!

I've downloaded it yesterday and already killed my battery within half a day jammjng my thumbs off! ;)

However, I have noticed a bug similar to another one posted above concerning the iPod app volume and multitasking play controls:
When having used ThumbJam and iPod simultaneously the play control buttons in the fast app switching dock are displayed in a grey tone, meaning they cannot be used. After opening iPod the volume control can be moved but it won't change the volume.
Only after deleting both ThumbJam AND iPod from the fast app switch dock will the iPod app function again properly.

I hope you'll be able to reproduce this. Again, this doesn't change anything about the great app you have created.

Keep up the good work, I am looking forward to New instruments and hopefully a sequencer within the next releases.

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