delayed response

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delayed response

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First of all, I love this app. It's amazing and I can't stop playing it.
The only problem I'm having right now, is when I create a loop and have a few tracks on it(maybe three or so), there is a delayed response when I touch the notes of the instrument I'm currently playing. It seems to get worse the more things I have on a loop. Is that just the limitations of the app, or might it be something I'm doing?

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Let me guess, you have an

Post by Jesse »

Let me guess, you have an iPhone 3G? I too see some lagginess on a 3g with multiple loops going. There are two workarounds to try: first see if a full reboot makes it any better. Hold down the home and top button together for 10 secs until it shuts off, then start it up again.

The other solution is in the app itself. Go to Prefs->Options and turn Display Updating to off. You won't get any visual feedback on what note you're playing or what the loops are doing but performance will be much snappier.

I'm looking at some ways to make the drawing more efficient so as to not effect the touch event performance as much.

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