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AB3 in cubase, transposes

Posted: Mon Apr 30, 2018 2:00 pm
by ellis

I have to issues that might be a bug's:

1) for some reasons, the initialisation of ThumbJam in cubase (IOS) went sometimes wrong. This happens especially if the first option (without slots) is selected. In this case ThumbJam starts, show shortly the AB bus bar with the cubase shortcut, but then the bar disappears. Only a switch to "sloted" version in cubase and a switch back brings the AB bar back in ThumbJam.

2) in splited sound the transpose is ignored. More precisely - if I setup a splitter sound (e.g. a piano and a string) and shift the string 1 octave in the app, every thing is stored correctly and work inside of the app. If I try to use this sound in cubase the transpose is gone and both sound sounding in the same octave (even if it is still correct available inside from ThumbJam over the ThumbJam keyboard)

Are these known bugs - or (espacialy for the second one) do I have a misunderstanding here or forgot to set something that's necessary for the transpose trick?


I'm Using Cubase2 v2.4.1 with IOS 11.3.1 on a iPadPro

Re: AB3 in cubase, transposes

Posted: Tue May 01, 2018 9:17 am
by Jesse
Not sure what is happening with #1...

But #2, when you adjust the octave and range of the touch areas, that only affects the touch interface of the app. You can think of it like a scroll bar, adjusting what notes you can see and play on the screen. When being controlled via MIDI (like from Cubasis) the app acts as a sound engine, and will play exactly what MIDI demands of it. That said, if you go in the Prefs->MIDI Control, under Input Options you will see an Input Transpose slider - adjusting that will affect all MIDI notes coming in to the app. It doesn't let you choose what instrument it applies to though, it just affects all of them.

Re: AB3 in cubase, transposes

Posted: Wed May 02, 2018 5:11 am
by ellis
Hi Jesse,

THX for the fast answering. Sorry to say - but this brings me to a couple of other bugs... While I had no success with transposing using the GUI (THX for explanation) I'd tried this in the sample section and changed the root notes of the corresponding samples. While swiching between the sounds (split screens) and starting the editor again, it seems that the GUI mix up the samples from the upper and lower screen. IN other words if you have a dual sound - lets assume a Piano in the upper and a string in the lower screen, you can change the focus for the editor by tapping in the corresponding screen keyboard (the focus is marked on the left side). If you start editing samples set in upper screen first, finish that with "done" change to the lower screen and start editing the lower sample set, you will see now the samples of the upper screen, under the name of the lower screen. It seems that the first editor (upper screen) overrides the settings of the lower screen and this visa versa. This make it impossible to edit samples in a splitter sound.

An other bug I found while trying to upload samples over the Webserver. The Webserver does not support foreign character and the program crashes while sending files with German umlaut ä ü ö or ß in the filename.

Regarding to bug #1 - I'm not sure if this is really a bug from ThumbJam. I found this behaviour also in positiv grid app's, and for me it looks like it could be also a problem from AB3. How ever - it's a nasty bug, because it not possible to switch back to cubase easily or start the playback or recording using the AB3 menu.

best regards

Re: AB3 in cubase, transposes

Posted: Thu May 03, 2018 10:33 am
by Jesse
It's just that the sampleset editor does not respond to the "selected" split command. You have to just navigate back, find the sampleset of the custom instrument you want to edit then edit that. I'll think about making it automatically adjust as well.

Thanks for finding the foreign character bug with the web server, I'm not surprised about it failing.

I'm sure the IAA transport controls is just a bug in TJ also, since as you said it works OK when connecting one of the "slot" ones.