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Interop issue with Multitrack DAW (possibly not thumbjam)

Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:03 am
by Darwould
I noticed with the 2.6.1 update that iAA no longer works with Muktitrack DAW for the main thumbjam generator (used to work in 2.6). Im guessing it’s the change to support the additional iAA generator for 2.6.1 that has caused this? I see M-DAW still only sees one generator as well as the instrument slots. The instrument slots seem to work fine but the main generator causes thumbjam to not play several notes and also seems to pause when playing on the touch interface (highlighted note sticks as you move your finger). However, Audio Share sees the new generator and seems to work fine with thumbam 2.6.1. Audiobus 3 seems to also work fine with 2.6.1 and M-DAW. Just reporting this here in case there is a dependency on a change that was made for 2.6.1 (as opposed to a bug with M-DAW which seems most likely). I will continue to play with the iAA combinations and report anything else I find with 2.6.1. Thanks