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Small recording bug

Posted: Tue Feb 22, 2011 4:34 am
by mat
Hi, I just found a small bug: when I press "record loop" in the 'loop' menu and press the home button right away (not having started recording, quantize off), returning to the app from the lower running app bar reopens the app without the recording status and specific buttons ("cancel record" or "record from mic") showing, whenever I touch the play area, "recording instrument..." shows, still without the upper recording related buttons showing, I can even change the instrument, "recording instrument.." still shows. From this point, if I go to the 'loop' menu again and press record loop I'm back to the normal playing/recording screen with the upper recording related buttons showing normally, touching the play area will then stop the recording, which was going on since I touched the play area right after returning to the app, the screen returns to the "play only" status, a new loop shows, named after the first selected instrument, with all the instruments I selected sounding one after the other (as you have guessed it was recording since I returned to the app).

This is not a big bug, or a very annoying one, I tested a bit more and discovered it was the same when returning to the app by pressing the upper red bar instead of the app icon in the lower running app bar. It's quite fun to use to have a series of instruments played and recorded one after the other, just separated in the loop by the loading time of each instrument. Still the mess-up in the screen status and silly behavior when pressing "record loop" again are a little disturbing at first and I guess the whole thing is totally unintended.