Long loop plus sync problem

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Long loop plus sync problem

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Hi, two problems I've been bumping into lately. First when I use a long loop, about 3min something in length, and record something on it, whenever I close ThumbJam and open it again (or rewind with the new instrument trick) when I play the loops again the second (smaller) loop only starts a moment after the main (long) one. It almost seems to me that it starts at the point in the long loop I originally started to record the smaller loop. Tried to replicate it with two small loops started to record at different points of the longer loop and when I close/new instrument them and press play again, the two small loops will start at two different points in time (really seems to me that these are the points of the longer loop where I started to record them)and then normally play continuously...

Second problem, don't know if anything can be done about it, when I have a set of loops playing and then want them in the background to play over them with another app (mainly IShred), sometimes at the other app loading time they will go out of sync (really noticeable with composite drum parts)... my workaround is to quit (really shut it down from the fast start bar) ThumbJam and reload it to play the loops again in sync (I restart ThumbJam only after having loaded the other app).

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The behavior noted in the

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The behavior noted in the first paragraph is known and was intentional. However, the next version will not have this behavior, all loops will begin playing at the start.

Interesting second issue, I'm not sure what would cause it, but I will attempt to replicate.

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