Session record

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Session record

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Not sure if this isn't working or I'm
missing something. I play a loop and I want to improvise over it. I hit session record and see that it's counting. How do I stop it and save it? I turn off the session record then try to save the file but it never has my improvised part in it; jut the original loop.

The app crashes while playing a loop and then trying to load a session. I had to reboot 3 times to get the app to work again.

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Session record is intended to

Post by Jesse »

Session record is intended to capture a longer performance, simply turning it on then off later automatically creates a timestamped audio file. Currently it does not start or stop synchronized with your loop, but will in the future. If you later load it (or download it via wifi transfer) you should hear everything that you played while session record was enabled, it works here for me.

The crashing while loading a second loop has been reported already for this version and will be investigated. Not sure why you required reboots though. Please submit your crash reports by following the instructions here:

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