Guitar iRIG User Sampleset loses MIDI

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Guitar iRIG User Sampleset loses MIDI

Postby lexplexus » Tue Aug 12, 2014 3:23 pm

I have a question somebody may have insight into.

It's guitar, Sonuus G2M Universal Guitar to MIDI Converter, iRig, Thumbjam, iPhone 4S, iOS6. So, I've loaded my own presets, with names like Lex3Z_UFOz, with filesizes from 271kB to 2.3MB. Five of them. When everything's working, I'm in spaced-out guitar bliss! Everything works great except:

MIDI problems.

Establishing a MIDI connection at the beginning of a jam session seems to take a while, as if Thumbjam is ignoring iRig or the Preset is ignoring Thumbjam's incoming MIDI. I usually do things like unplug iRig & restart Thumbjam, etcetera and it eventually works. More importantly, the MIDI connection is sometimes lost when switching to another one of my own presets. When this happens, the preset makes sound from the touch screen but doesn't recognize MIDI messages which are showing on the iRig. The problem is sometimes fixed by selecting one of the factory presets, which never seem to lose their MIDI connection. After this, switching back to one of my own presets will usually lose MIDI responsiveness again, but sometimes successfully maintain the MIDI responsiveness, maybe after 3 or 4 times switching back and forth between a factory preset and my own. It's as if my presets are losing MIDI responsiveness.

Any ideas?

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