Big problems with 2.4

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Big problems with 2.4

Postby Chema V » Wed Jul 23, 2014 3:39 pm

Hello dear friends,

My name is Chema Vilchez, I am a professional musician from Spain. I write because since the last update, ThumbJam 2.4, I am having many problems. Mostly selecting sounds. In the previous version it was very stable, but now every time I want to select a sounds or create a new combination of sounds and to move to another patch, the app crash or even just let me change one of the sounds or even any scale or sound appears. It would be possible to reinstall on my iPad the previous version, 2.3 ?? It is going to be more useful for my shows. I Use your wonderful program to play life, but now I can not use it anymore. It's a shame because it is an amazing app.

I would greatly appreciate your response, thanks, Chema

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