MIDI latency

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MIDI latency

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First, well done on this amazing product.
Already used it on a few tracks. Very easy to use and good results.

I've been playing with using MIDI to control TJ and I've hit a problem with significant latency.

My setup is:
Yamaha midi controller -> Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 -> Ipad3 (ios7.0.2) running only TJ 2.2 -> 18i20 -> external speakers

I am getting several milliseconds of latency with all sounds when using the midi controller, and no latency when using the built in soft keyboard. However, I use the same configuration to control other apps and have no perceivable latency. I tried playing around with the TJ settings (thinking buffer size issues) but nothing had an effect. I've seen previous threads regarding the attack of different samples and I am sure this is not the issue as it happens even with fast attack voices.

Any suggestions?


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Hmm, I haven't experienced

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Hmm, I haven't experienced much if any extra latency with my setup using external MIDI controllers. But the fact that other apps don't seem to exhibit the behavior with the same setup is troubling. I will investigate to see if anything has changed since the iOS7 update regarding this....

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