Problems after ios7 updates

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Problems after ios7 updates

Post by Ossi »

I recently lost all my iPad data during the ios7.2 update. I had already updated my work iPads, I am a teacher, and so I was confident my own would be fine. I should have known!
My thumbjam stuff was backed up elsewhere so that is okay.
But how I am restoring my apps and have had trouble downloading several, including thumbjam from the store again. I have tried several times in the last 24 hours to no avail.
Is there a compatibility issue with the new update?
Apologies if someone has already asked this. I would have emailed the developers but there was no link that I could find.
Thank you.

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I haven't heard of any

Post by Jesse »

I haven't heard of any compatibility issues with ThumbJam and iOS7.... have you had success reinstalling it yet from the store?

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