Crash when trying to play session

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Crash when trying to play session

Postby Spatzi » Mon Jan 11, 2010 12:26 pm

When I try to play a session I often get a freeze which eventually drops back to main instrument screen and then there is no sound. Rebooting fixes this but sometimes not.

Also, when recording a session I turn the volume down on one of the instruments in my five layer loop and fade it in. While turned down I can still hear it playing faintly.

One feature that would be handy is a way to space loop layers to start at certain measures. Right now, if I want to start with one sound like a kick drum and then add other layers one by one I have to do this all during a recording session and use the faders to bring layers up. If I want my keys solo to start at measure 12 instead of 1 I can't do it.

Also, a way to adjust the bpm of a saved loop. I agree that quantization would be the number one feature needed. As it is now, it can take me 12 attempts to record a properly timed drum loop because I must be as precise as a real drummer and hit the stop button at the right point which can be very difficult if you are using three fingers to hit pads for the pattern you want at a higher bpm.

...after a break to write this I loaded the app again and tried to load a session. It played. I then stopped the session and tried to play another session. Freeze again and then drop out to main screen and no sound.

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When you say "play a session"

Postby Jesse » Mon Jan 11, 2010 12:44 pm

When you say "play a session" do you mean loading a previously saved Loop Set (with multiple loops) and playing that? I believe some of the issues with loading things consecutively have been fixed with other bugs. I will try to reproduce anyway.

Yes, the minimum level on the mixer sliders is not silence. I will consider changing the scaling of that slider.

What you really want is a traditional non-looping timeline multitrack ability (in addition to looping tracks). That will come down the road.

Quantization of loop recording will come before dynamic changing of BPM on an existing loop, for sure.

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No, I mean a recording

Postby Spatzi » Mon Jan 11, 2010 2:00 pm

No, I mean a recording session as listed under 'sessions'. I have four in there now and even after leaving the app and itouch off for an hour or more, they still don't play on a reboot. What usually happens is I try to play the session, then the screen moves slightly down, then freezes, then eventually goes back to 'play' screen, but then there is no sound when pressing the keys. I reboot it, still won't load.

The 'loop sets' also don't load, and I have 3 in there right now.

I'm still able to work with loops by loading them into my wavelab software. It is there where I can cut and paste and extend loops the way I want.

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