Errors, Crashes, Loop Anomolies...

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Errors, Crashes, Loop Anomolies...

Postby trupro » Wed Dec 19, 2012 1:42 pm

Firstly, TJ is amazing as we all know, thank you for this app. I just started using it, but currenly, its so buggy for me its not even useable.

I will formally submit my crash logs tonite, but ive got alot of work to do so maybe TJ's and community advice can get me out of the danger zone temporarily. Here are the problems occurring with an iPad 2 using iOS 5.x

-Importing a 120bpm loop shows in Thumbjam as 119.9bpm, cuts end of
sample off in TJ and when exporting/pasting loop. How do i keep it accurate? I am 100% sure my barcounts and bpm are locked, please advise...

-First time imported mp4a from Garageband = totally fine.
All subsequent attempts cause error on loop import.

-Most attempts to paste any 'browse other audio' file via audiocopy/paste will crash Nanostudio or other paste target apps, they are opened by audiocopy/paste at command of TJ, show load screen, crash other app.

This is the first time Nanostudio has ever crashed. I got TJ to create files and instruments to paste into Nano, so this is a big issue for me.

Thanks for your attention, cheers

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Can you find out the exact

Postby Jesse » Wed Dec 19, 2012 2:49 pm

Can you find out the exact number of samples in that 120bpm loop you were importing (using an audio editor, etc)? Or better yet, post or email it to me (
What exactly are you then exporting that is cut off, and what mechanism are you using (eg, how were the exported loops recorded/created in TJ)?

What mechanism did you use to import mp4 from garageband?

I can't reproduce your browse other copy/paste crashes in nanostudio or anywhere else.... (ipad2 iOS5 as well), that is very strange! Does a device reboot help at all? What kind of file were you copying from TJ, and from which section of the Browse area (Loop Sets, Loops, Sessions, Samples)?

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hi! Here are the deets on

Postby trupro » Wed Dec 19, 2012 6:01 pm


Here are the deets on the
'120bpm loop changed to 119.9 and cuts off' issue:
-Audio brought in from Garageband iOS mp4a export.
Emailed to self, hold file icon, choose 'open with thumbjam'.
-Original is exactly 16 bars long at 120bpms. Also tried with
longer region, to allow the end to susstain. This revealed
thumbjam (or garageband) are miscalculating the same way repeatedly; when i make it longer than 16 bars, the tempo slows even further. This time i put about 1/4 note more length at 120BPMs, and Thumbjam calls it 117bpms.
-Number of Samples- lol 'my other DAW's in the shop' protools rig not currently OS'dso can't measure total sample length, but it should be 1,411,200 samples in length. I think mp4a uses the AAC protocol, and these are usually at 44.1 correct? So 120bpms for 16 bars should be 32 seconds of audio x 44,100 = 1,411,200. Let me know if thats totally fubar, im terrible at math!
-export was bieng done out of Thumbjam with: LOOP tab on corner of page> Save> Copy Current..or perhaps thats from Import/Export section (not looking at TJ rite now but ive definately only been using copy/paste. I was advised to use Mixdown method, but nothing plays when i play back or export a mixdown and dont understand that process yet)

Here are details the 'Browse other/ audiocopypaste' issue:
-Device reboot does not improve. Shut down all apps and turned off iPad2. Tried again a few times with different app start orders, same issue.
-I should note that the audiocopypaste window is cut off when accessed from Thumbjam. The right side of the copypasteboard (toward center of screen) is chopped off like an unloaded JPEG on the web etc.

Thank you kindly for your help with this, cheers

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Well, I really need to have

Postby Jesse » Thu Dec 20, 2012 12:52 am

Well, I really need to have that exact file, because the problem here is in the details. I know how the math works for what it *should* be :) Can you email it to me?

TJ uses the exact length of the file to actually calculate the BPM, you can't rely on there being any metadata with the file that declares it. That's why you get different numbers depending on how you create it (with reverb tails, etc)... it really has to be exactly the right length. I have a guess that something in the m4a conversion is changing it.

Oh, and make sure you have the latest version of TJ, 2.2.

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Okay thanks again, i will

Postby trupro » Thu Dec 20, 2012 3:26 pm

Okay thanks again, i will definately send you some stuff to the support mail to see if there are other anomolies present.

Given that this was an export from GB as mp4a, it could be that even with reverb and delay turned off, the export still calculates the tail that would be there with efx turned on, just without playing them, or susstain, etc of the core instrument itself. At any rate i am learning alot by this so thanks!

I will check the version, downloaded the day before i posted on the forums here and not recieving update notices so i believe its the newest version.

Thanks again!

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