Control messages

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Control messages

Postby AlfredR » Thu Jun 28, 2012 6:49 am

Hi Jesse,

first my compliments for your wonderfully musical instrument!

Now I am trying to use TJ as a midi contoller, while also using other controllers to play TJ.
I notice that TJ reacts to CC1 modulation only, using it for volume control.
Could you please make this selectable so I can use CC2 or CC7?

On the midi out side I noticed the following in midiOX:

TJ does not send CC7 volume (while switched on in the prefs)
TJ sends Channel Aftertouch data duplicates
TJ does send Key Aftertouch, however Animoog does not seem to pick this up through virtual midi

When using TJ to play two midi channels only the note messages are send to the two channels,
however all the control messages for the second channel are being sent to the first channel.

Also the keydown message is not accompanied by a control message, so now I have to slide a little
on touch to get my CC sent. Right now the range of the control messages that I can send are depending on the minimum volume setting of the selected voice.

Could you maybe also give us user selectable CCs for sending X and Y axis, H and V tilt, Shake and Finger.

Oh one last thing, I inadvertandly filled up my ipad with some really large session recordings.
This happened because it is not really clear if the session recording is running.
Would it be possible to use some realtime audio compression on the session record?

Thank you for your efforts to create this wonderfull instrument,


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There needs to be a more

Postby Jesse » Wed Jul 04, 2012 10:35 am

There needs to be a more comprehensive approach taken to MIDI bindings in ThumbJam, I agree.

I think you've covered a lot of the issues, thanks. CC7 should however control volume of the instrument, and in a way that is not dependent on the min volume in the control settings.... I will verify.

I will look into doing a realtime compression of the session record, we'll see if CPU limitations become an issue. Is the red indicator at the bottom not obvious enough that session record is running?

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Hello Jesse, When sending cc

Postby AlfredR » Wed Jul 11, 2012 11:18 am

Hello Jesse,

When sending cc values from TJ could you make it selectable if you want to send the max or the min value when you are playing chords? Now you get jumping values when playing more notes on the same channel.
And can you make the cc fade instead of jump to the new value with noteOns/Offs?


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