Panning problems using midi

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Panning problems using midi

Postby aidanpoulter » Sun Oct 02, 2011 1:37 am

Hi. When using more than one finger (I know it's called thumb jam but that's what the polyphony is for right- ahem, when using more than one note in garageband using dsmidiwifi -very cool by the way- if you play two note at different sides of the iphone, I get the panning virtual know doing strange things visibly AND musically. The notes crackle and cut out and sometimes switch to mono in an attempt not to become a panning schizophrenic I guess.

Is the panning thing two ambitious over midi into garageband, but then again, it works fine just into the headphones and I've never heard a crackle. Can you fix it?

Also by the way, I've just discovered the split thumbjam board and than you can have one side with wider notes and lower notes than the other------very cool.

Awesome app. sorry if I expect too much but it is excellent.

peace. Aidan. PS do I get emailed if you answer my post? email:

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