Stuck notes will controlled by Geo Synth

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Stuck notes will controlled by Geo Synth

Post by Philippe »


WHAT A WONDERFULL APP!! Really, speechless!

Yeah, I have this gem in my iPad since a year at least and I just found out how amazing it is, especially since I got Geo Synth to play it. As a guitar player, this is obviously more intuitive, and what a great integration. I read on audiobus forum some trick to set TJ with Geo Synth, but looking in TJ settings, I feel that there is more that I should know to make it optimally controlled by Geo Synth. Would you have advice?

Also, I want to report a bug:

When I slide vertically in GeoSynth (between 2 strings), it create systematically a stuck note in TJ that plays forever. The only way to make it stop is to go in TJ and push the !All Off! button.

also I some feature request:

1- The ability to show the chromatic scale with whitish and blackish key, and grayed notes that are not in the chosen scale. And maybe an option to mute or not those "out of scale" notes. It would be more intuitive to play chords for piano player.

2- A way to keep the sustain pedal locked all the time, so I can play piano on sustain mode from Geo Synth.

Thank You!

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Re: Stuck notes will controlled by Geo Synth

Post by Jesse »

The stuck notes issue has been fixed here and will be included in the update coming out very soon.

Your two feature requests will be put on the list...

But in the meantime, you can make a custom piano (or any non-looped-sample instrument) preset for sustaining by going to Edit->Sample and disabling the Release Stops Note setting. Then save that as a new preset for later ease of recall.

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